Learn How to Measure upvc door handles with These Simple Tips

Learn How to Measure upvc door handles can be done by measuring the distance between the center of the handle’s screw holes. Upvc doors are a popular choice for homeowners who want a low-maintenance and energy-efficient option.

When installing or replacing upvc door handles, it is important to measure them accurately to ensure a perfect fit. The most crucial measurement is the distance between the center of the screw holes. This can be done using a tape measure or ruler and should be double-checked before purchase.

Additionally, it is essential to choose the right type of handle for the door, whether it be a lever handle or a knob. Proper installation and measurement of upvc door handles will not only enhance the door’s appearance but also provide security and ease of use.

Understanding Upvc Door Handles

Upvc door handles are one of the essential components of a upvc door that enable us to secure and open/close the door conveniently. These handles are not only functional but also add aesthetic value to the doors. If you are looking to replace your upvc door handle, it’s essential to learn about the different types of handles, components, and how to measure them accurately.

What Are Upvc Door Handles?

Upvc door handles are designed to fit onto upvc doors and work with the multipoint locking system. They come in various finishes, including white, gold, silver, and chrome, and you can choose from a range of styles. The three primary components of upvc door handles system are the backplate, cylinder, and lever.

Different Types Of Upvc Door Handles

  • Lever lever door handles: These handles are the most popular type, featuring a lever on both the interior and exterior of the door. They are available in standard or short backplate versions.
  • Lever pad door handles: These handles come with a lever on one side and a flat pad on the other side of the door. The pad side of the handle is typically used to lock the door.
  • Fixed pad door handles: Similar to lever pad door handles but do not have a lever on one side of the door.
  • Snib door handles: These handles feature a small push-button mechanism on the backplate. They are primarily used on internal doors and living spaces.

Components Of Upvc Door Handles

The three primary components of upvc door handles mentioned earlier are essential to understand before measuring your door handle.

  • Backplate: The backplate is the part of the handle that is fixed to the door. Its purpose is to cover the internal workings of the handle and provide a decorative surface on the door.
  • Cylinder: The cylinder is the mechanical part of the handle, responsible for locking and unlocking the door by either a key or thumb turn. It is essential to ensure that the new cylinder is compatible with your existing locking mechanism.
  • Lever: The lever is the part of the handle to which you apply force to engage the locking mechanism. It can come in various sizes and styles.

When measuring upvc door handles, you need to measure specific parts accurately to ensure the new handle is a perfect fit. Measuring the pz center is essential, and it’s the distance between the center of the handle and the center of the cylinder.

You also need to measure the backplate, length, and screw hole centers.

Understanding upvc door handles’ components and how to measure them accurately is vital when looking to replace old handles with new ones. With these guidelines, you can choose the right handle with precision for your upvc door.

Tools Needed For Accurate Measurements

You may not realise it, but measuring upvc door handles is a bit more complicated than you might think. It’s essential to get the measurements correct, as this will ensure that the handle fits perfectly, operates correctly, and most importantly, guarantees your security.

In this section of our blog post, we will focus on the tools you need to accurately measure your upvc door handles.

List Of Tools Required For Measuring Upvc Door Handles Accurately

To measure upvc door handles accurately, you’ll need to have the following tools at hand:

  • Measuring tape
  • Vernier caliper
  • Square
  • Pencil and paper

Let’s go over each tool in more detail:

Measuring tape: this is one of the essential tools for measuring your upvc door handles. With this, you can quickly and accurately measure the length and width of the door handle.

Vernier caliper: a vernier caliper is a precision measurement tool that allows you to measure the distance between two opposite sides accurately. It’s useful in measuring the distance between the screw holes in the handle.

Square: a square is used to ensure that the measurements are taken at right angles to ensure accuracy. It’s also beneficial in measuring the thickness of the door handle.

Pencil and paper: this may seem like an obvious tool, but it’s essential in ensuring that you keep track of your measurements. Write everything down, and double-check measurements, avoiding any accidental mistakes.

Importance Of Having The Right Tools

Having the right tools is crucial in ensuring you take accurate measurements of your upvc door handle. Here’re some reasons why:

  • Accuracy: By having the correct tools, you’re sure that your measurements are precise, ensuring that the door handle fits perfectly and is secure.
  • Time-saving: Using the right tools means that you take accurate measurements, thereby avoiding the need for multiple attempts that take up your time.
  • Peace of mind: When you have the correct tools and know how to use them, you’ll have peace of mind that the measurements you’ve taken are correct.

To ensure that your upvc door handles fit securely and operate correctly, you must take accurate measurements, which you can only achieve with the right tools. With a measuring tape, vernier caliper, square, pencil, and paper, you’ll be on your way to obtaining precise measurements, ensuring a secure and well-functioning door handle.

Tips For Accurate Measurements

Step By Step Guide To Measuring Upvc Door Handles

Measuring upvc door handles might seem like a simple task, but accurate measurements are necessary to ensure the correct replacement part is purchased. Here is a step-by-step guide to measuring upvc door handles.

Measuring The Length Of The Handle

Measuring the length of the handle is an important step as it determines the size of the replacement handle needed. Use a measuring tape to measure from the centre of the handle to the edge of the backplate on both sides.

Make sure to measure to the nearest millimetre for accuracy.

Measuring Distance Between Screw Holes

The distance between screw holes can also vary depending on the size of the handle, so it’s vital to take this measurement. Measure from the centre of one screw hole to the centre of the other, again to the nearest millimetre.

Measuring The Diameter Of The Spindle

The spindle is the metal piece that passes through the handle and latch mechanism. Measuring the diameter of the spindle is important to ensure it fits the replacement handle and is compatible with the lock. Use a circular object such as a coin or cap that has a known diameter to measure the spindle.

Place the object over the spindle and note the size.

Measuring The Backplate

Measuring the backplate can be done by placing a ruler or measuring tape on the edge of the backplate and measuring the distance between the two screw holes. It’s important to note the shape of the backplate as well, whether it’s a flat rectangle or has curved edges.

Important Considerations To Keep In Mind While Taking Measurements

While taking measurements, there are a few important considerations to keep in mind to ensure accuracy and compatibility:

  • Use a millimetre measuring tape or ruler for precise measurements
  • Measure twice to ensure accuracy and consistency
  • Take note of the shape and style of the handle
  • Check for any special or unique features that require special attention in replacement

Remember, taking accurate measurements is critical to ensuring that the correct replacement part is purchased and it will save time, money and stress in the long run. With these tips in mind, measuring upvc door handles should be a breeze.

Troubleshooting Common Measurement Issues

Upvc door handles come in all shapes and sizes, which can make measuring them a challenge. However, it’s essential to measure your door handles correctly before purchasing new ones, as incorrect measurements can cause significant problems down the line. In this post, we’ll cover some common measurement issues and how to troubleshoot them.

Incorrect Measurements

Measuring a upvc door handle can be tricky, but it’s essential to get it right. Here are some common measurement mistakes to avoid:

  • Measuring the handle length only, which doesn’t account for the backplate’s size
  • Measuring only the backplate’s length, which doesn’t account for the handle’s length
  • Measuring from the centre of the handle, rather than from the fixing screws

If you’ve made any of these mistakes, don’t despair, as it’s relatively easy to fix. Ensure that you’re measuring the full length of the handle and the backplate and that you’re measuring from the fixing screws rather than the handle’s centre.

Dealing With Non-Standard Upvc Door Handles

Sometimes, you may encounter non-standard upvc door handles that don’t fit into the typical measurement categories. In these cases, you may need to take some alternative approaches to get accurate measurements. Here’s what you can do:

  • Measure from the centre of the spindle to the centre of the top fixing screw
  • Measure from the centre of the spindle to the centre of the bottom fixing screw

This way, you can calculate the approximate handle and backplate size using a rule of thumb. It’s always best to consult with a professional if you’re unsure about measuring non-standard door handles.

Alternative Measurement Techniques

Sometimes, the traditional measuring methods won’t cut it, and you’ll need to employ some alternative techniques to get accurate measurements. Here are some approaches you could try:

  • Use a digital caliper to get precise measurements of the handle and backplate
  • Take a photograph of the handle and use image editing software to measure the length and width accurately

Alternative measurement techniques may take longer, but they can provide precise measurements that can prevent future door handle fitting issues.

Possible Solutions To The Above Problems

Here are some potential solutions to the measurement issues outlined above:

  • If you’ve measured incorrectly, remeasure using the correct methods and compare your results to the manufacturer’s specifications
  • If you have non-standard door handles, consult a professional or try the alternative measurement techniques we’ve outlined
  • If you’re still having trouble measuring your door handles, consider purchasing handles with adjustable fixing centres to allow for flexible fitting

By following the above solutions, you can rest assured that your upvc door handles will fit perfectly and be functional for years to come.

FAQs On How To Measure Upvc Door Handles

How Do I Measure The Handle Size Of My Upvc Door?

To measure the handle size of your upvc door, take a tape measure and measure from the center of the handle to the center of the keyhole. This should give you an accurate measurement of the size of your upvc door handle.

What Is The Standard Size Of Upvc Door Handles?

The standard size of upvc door handles is 92mm between the center of the handle and the center of the keyhole. However, it’s best to check the specific measurements of your handle to ensure you get the correct replacement.

Can I Replace My Upvc Door Handle Myself?

Yes, you can replace your upvc door handle yourself. Ensure you have the correct size handle and follow the instructions carefully. However, if you are unsure, it’s best to consult a professional or seek advice from the manufacturer.

What Materials Are Upvc Door Handles Made Of?

Upvc door handles are usually made of aluminium, zinc or upvc. The choice of material will depend on personal preference, durability and style.


The accurate measurement of upvc door handles is crucial when it comes to choosing the right replacement parts for your home. As we have seen, the correct technique for measuring the door handle depends on whether it is a lever or a knob.

For the most part, it is a simple process that requires measuring the spindle length and the backplate size as accurately as possible. With these measurements, it will be easier to find matching door handles when they need to be replaced.

However, it’s always worth checking with your supplier if you are unsure of the measurement technique or if you need further assistance in selecting the right replacement door handles. By taking time to measure upvc door handles, you can ensure that your doors not only look great but are also secure and functional.

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